Monday, April 13, 2009

We Are Dancing

Simple song, simple tune.

I woke from sleep in the dead of night,/
Through my window, the moon was so bright./

I walked the road outside my home,/
And saw these leaves falling alone./

They were dancing/
To their own tune;/
Sylvan romancing/
By the light of the moon./

Then came the sun, down came the leaves./
Out came the light, out came the bees./

They chased me home and back to my room./
Out my window, taunting they loomed./

They were dancing/
To their own tune;/
Slow and entrancing,/
On frail wings they flew./

Then came the clouds, then came the rain./
Away went the bees, by raindrop slain./

I went back out, pan on my head./
To hear the rain; here's what it said:/

We are dancing/
To our own tune./
Though we seem ranting,/
Know this is true:/

You are alive; so are we all./
So wake up at night and watch the leaves fall.


Jenny Beans said...

Wanted to check out your song. I like the rhyme of the lyrics and wanted to hear it put to music.

Sarck said...

I'll put up the music soon. Either that, or I'll link to a recording of me playing it.

Jenny Beans said...

Cool. DM me on twitter and let me know so I can pop back over and check it out. :)