Friday, July 18, 2008

The Proposition and Update Note

I have been away on a very long trip and I am still recovering. However, good news! I wrote during the trip! So I shall be posting these pieces as I go along. I hope to finish up at the 30 mark, and keep going.



If I were to be found out,
To be seen as the Husk,
The collected remnants of the books,
Minds, and places, upon which my thoughts gnaw, mull over,
And swallow whole in due time,
Of which make up this dessicated Shell,
Would I be found wanting?

Would the thought-elements,
Which make up the bones,
And piecemeal experience,
Which makes up the meat,
And morsels of witticisms,
Which house this phantasmal cargo,
Be weighed on a Grand scale,
How would the Balance tip?

By what Authority,
Measure, Oath,
Value, or Taxonomy
Would this "mercurie philosophique",
Sought after thought it is by
The best and the least,
The philosophes and alchemists,
Be judged?

Who could gave this power
To disect, examine,
To pierce decay, facade,
As if an architect of monumental
And metaphysical caliber,
To discern and, in the case of hubris,
To demean,
With total, immacculate accuracy?

For who could claim the domain,
To which poets ascribe the Divine
And Savages ascribe the Land,
In total honesty, to reality,
And all therein?

Or what,
Can claim the Final Judgement?

The Grand Epilogue
Shall hold the Exposition,
Lest Reality itself be found

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