Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hot Chocolate

As I sip this cup and enjoy the burning sensation of
Warmth spreading from my lips down my throat like a
Bomb exploding in my stomach, whose shockwaves flow out
Richly and smoothly to bring out the red in my
Cheeks, my ears are met by soft, swaying music
And the candle light flickers warm to the touch;
I tap my foot to the tune.

It’s lively, like the smiling faces and rhythmic touch
Of bodies around me, and my thawing face is in an expression of
Liveliness in kind, so all I can do is smile at the music
With my warm lips and body melting slowly like a
Wax candle with a wavering flame at the top of my
Head, or is that merely my rose? Out, out
Brief candle, I say as I tap my foot to the tune.

The liquid burns my throat, and I see a friend choke out
That the flavour is too rich for him, so I touch
My nose and laugh at the absurd image of my
Friends snorting the scalding drink out their nostrils, the image of
A dragon breathing hot fire at the peasantry in a
Castle, which plays songs like the Ring Cycle, Wagner’s music
So still I tap my foot to the tune.

My fingers join in snapping to the music
Quite feebly, like a lighter that has given out
And is now only breathing fumes of its long-gone fuel like a
Heavy smoker who has yet to get in touch
With a doctor to recommend something to cure him of
His horrible addiction, so, to lead the rhythm of my
Faltering hands, I tap my foot to the tune.

And, sweet and chaotic in the half-light,
The candle light, flickering like my finger tips
Across the smooth texture of my coat and your neck
Is craned up; I find it with my eyes and soon find
The couch is beneath me, the ceiling above
Like the sky above the valley, but it’s black
So it must be night and thus I close my eyes.

Eyelids heavy, I tap my foot to the tune.

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